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House Democratic Infrastructure Proposal

February 3, 2020

Late January, House Democrats released their proposal for a $760 billion five-year infrastructure plan to rebuild roads, bridges, transit systems, railways, airports, ports, inland waterways, wastewater and drinking water systems, brownfields, and broadband. The Democratic proposal addresses the nation’s aging infrastructure and commits to long-term sustainable funding, improving the economy, enhancing public safety, and addressing environmental concerns.

Some key features include:

  • Transit and Highway spending of $434 billion
  • Rail transportation spending of $55 billion
  • Airport spending of $30 billion
  • Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund spending of $19.7 billion
  • Water Resource spending of $10 billion
  • Clean Water spending of $50.5 billion
  • Brownfield Restoration and Reinvestment spending of $2.7 billion
  • Clean Drinking Water and Clean Energy spending of $59.7 billion
  • Broadband and Communication spending of $98 billion

The proposal also applies the Davis-Bacon Act and other worker protections. The House Democratic infrastructure proposal would require approval by both the House and Senate and the President’s signature. However, it does serve as a starting point for negotiations which could lead to something eventually getting adopted. This is a link to the proposal;