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Nevada Prevailing Wage Change Signed Into Law

June 4, 2019

Last week Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada signed a bill to restore prevailing wage requirements to public construction projects.

Assembly Bill 136 restores the prevailing wage threshold for public projects to $100,000 from its current level of $250,000. Also, it restores the prevailing wage for workers on public school projects to 100% from the previous 90% of prevailing wage that those workers had been earning.

Those in favor of the prevailing wage changes say they will lead to higher wages for construction workers, and increased productivity and enhanced safety. Opponents of these prevailing wage changes claim they will increase cost and are harmful to state and local economies.

Eloy Jara, assistant business manager with the Laborers’ Union International, says that “the new law will help to establish the next generation of hardworking Nevadans and will also reward families who’ve been on the cusp of making more money but are falling short.” People across Nevada are expected to begin seeing their paychecks increase more often after July 1st.