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Medical Coverage That Fits Your Needs

Prevailing wage contractors need medical coverage with the flexibility to handle the unique challenges they face: multiple job sites in several states, rapid employee turnover, multiple employee classes, seasonality, job interruptions, and complex administrative, accounting and compliance burdens.

A benefits provider who is unfamiliar with this unique market can overlook important issues, resulting in contractors spending more money and time on their plans, not to mention the possibility of the plan failing to comply with ever-changing government regulations.

At The Contractors Plan, we have years of experience designing and implementing major medical plans for prevailing wage contractors. We partner with some of the nation's top carriers, and because our products are typically managed via multiple employer trust arrangements, we're able to offer your company the benefit of being part of a larger group of contractors. This minimizes risk and liability — particularly for smaller companies. We customize benefit plans for non-union contractors.

Innovative Self-Funded Benefit Administration

Self-funding is becoming a smart choice for many businesses and organizations. Choosing the right Third Party Administrator (TPA) will give you a real advantage.

We combine better access and advanced automation for a smarter, high quality solution that’s revolutionizing self-funded health care. Reach out to us and we can help you determine if Self-Funding makes the most sense for your business or organization.

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