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Helping Construction Contractors Stay Compliant And Win More Bids

Competition for prevailing wage jobs is fierce, and one of the greatest challenges for open shop government contractors is managing paperwork around compliance, healthcare reform, fringe benefits and taxes. From Davis-Bacon and local prevailing wage laws to the ACA, the rules and regulations are numerous—and always changing. If you're like most construction contractors, you're always worried about compliance.

That's where The Contractors Plan can help.

As the first company to offer a complete solution for prevailing wage workers, we have more than 30 years' experience analyzing government contractors' needs, then creating and implementing the right retirement and health plans. We are the prevailing wage experts, and we're dedicated to helping you succeed.

Submit leaner bids.

Some contractors choose to pay the fringe benefit portion of the prevailing wage as additional cash wages. But allocating the fringe amount to a bona fide benefits plan can result in significant savings in payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance. These efficiencies can be the difference between winning and losing government contracts.

We help construction contractors:

  • Stay compliant with government regulations such as the Davis Bacon Act (federal & state levels), local wage ordinances, ERISA and the Affordable Care Act
  • Pay the fringe as bona fide benefits to cut payroll tax burden
  • Maximize owner contributions to retirement accounts
  • Offer quality health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits
  • Stabilize benefits between jobs or during layoffs
  • Enjoy seamless administration of benefits programs
  • Manage and mitigate fiduciary and cash flow risk
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